The Very Merry Month of May

This is probably the most action-packed month I have had in years…well, at least POSITIVELY action-packed. I returned to the pastorate on Sunday, May 2. God has graciously allowed me to pastor a wonderful church in Anderson, SC. I am having the time of my life preaching and leading a church.

I also preached a week of revival services the week of Mother’s Day. I was sick the first night and did not get to preach, but I was able to preach Tuesday through Friday. I drove back and forth between 2 1/2 to 3 hours round-trip each day, but I made it. I had a wonderful time preaching, but you better believe I slept like a baby that Friday night – 10 1/2 hours without interruption! I did all of this preaching while working a regular 40 hour per week job (shoutout to the many pastors who do this!). While I have been tired, it is extremely rewarding to do what God has called me to do. Nothing beats knowing you’re in the center of God’s will!

Maybe you’re lacking joy in your life. It could be that you are living out your own plan for your life when God has something different in mind. Living for yourself will never satisfy. You may have happy moments, but do you have joy? There’s a huge difference between happiness and joy! As someone once said, “Happiness comes from happenings; joy comes from Jesus.” I choose Jesus, and I choose joy. I hope you do too!

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