Bye, Bye, Bye! Thoughts on 2022

If you know the song, you’re probably humming or singing it. That short segment is how I feel about 2022. It hasn’t been a horrible year, but it has had its challenges. In saying bye to 2022, I’m ready to say hello to several things. In saying bye to financial difficulty, I’m saying hello toContinue reading “Bye, Bye, Bye! Thoughts on 2022”

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Christmas has always considered magical by children and adults alike. Between the Hallmark movies and other means of commercialization (not to mention the song whose title is the same at this blog post), we have idealized this season into becoming something that isn’t always true. For some, this isn’t the most wonderful time of theContinue reading “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?”

Not the Path I Would Have Chosen (Part 1…Maybe)

I am always blown away by the people who have the “picture perfect life.” They make good grades all through school, go on to college with scholarships, take out little to no student loans, land a high-paying job fresh out of college, get married, buy a nice house, have 1-2 children, and appear to manageContinue reading “Not the Path I Would Have Chosen (Part 1…Maybe)”

I Can’t Believe People Still Read This Thing

I have been on somewhat of a writing hiatus. This has not been on purpose, but circumstances have necessitated it. Between a new job I started in August and the challenges of ministry and family, my writing creativity has been dry. The thing that blows my mind is that people still read this blog. It’sContinue reading “I Can’t Believe People Still Read This Thing”