To Those Who Have Been Lied About

Life can be hard. People can be cruel. It hurts even when we expect it, but cruelty from those you thought loved you is an even harder pill to swallow. We all have had someone lie about us, but some of those lies have been quite damaging to our reputation.

Over a year ago, I spoke with a pastor who had several slanderous words said about him in relation to his divorce. As someone else who has been divorced, I could relate. As he shared his woes about the rumors that were spreading, someone gave him two wise words – “Prove yourself!” This pastor was not admonished to get on social media and “set the record straight.” He was simply told to live a consistently godly life, and the Lord would defend him. After a few years went by, the one who gave him the advice told him, “You proved yourself!”

You may be reading this, and you have had people say horrible things about you. I know it hurts. In efforts to try to defend yourself, your accusers will try to say you are just covering for yourself. When you simply live a godly life and allow the Lord to plead your case, He is much more successful. Take your hands off the wheel and let Him drive!

7 responses to “To Those Who Have Been Lied About”

  1. It’s really hard today to change people’s minds, never mind their hearts, about things when truth isn’t what matters just what people wanna believe is true. Ya kinda just have to live true and hope others see, but that usually takes time and comes with a cost. But it’s all worth it if what’s true is finally seen.

    So that podcast interview dropped last week, here’s the link

    If you’re drawing a blank on this, let it pass but it sure took a long time to type that link out so just saying 🙂

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    1. The link came through very clearly. Thanks for sharing it!

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    2. I listened to the full hour of the podcast episode yesterday. You articulated well and made some valid points about the church in relation to the subject at hand. How could the church best address this issue? As a pastor, I genuinely want to know the answer to this question. If you have an answer, maybe we can discuss it on a podcast episode when I start mine.

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  2. Hey man, thanks for listening all the way thru, the stuff at the end means more. If you’re talking about that, yeah, there could be a good conversation. Hit me up when ya get things going.

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  3. These are wise words. As you may remember, I am a divorced minister myself. Broken marriages tend to make enemies out of the parties involved. Sometimes it’s so complicated only God can judge who’s right or wrong.

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    1. Well said! My friend, Randy Burbank, wrote a post in 2016 about being a divorced pastor. He acknowledged how both parties are not completely innocent due to our sinful nature. The more time goes by, the more I see that I did wrong or could have done better.

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