Called Out on Social Media

Social media can be a lot of fun. It can also, however, be full of opinions. Some of those opinions are on target, and some are pretty far-fetched. Yesterday, I had both. Both individuals called me out, and I was left alone to process the comments.

The first comment was a bit out there. I was accused of being “in it for the money”. My initial reaction was, “This person doesn’t even know me. How can this individual make such a confident comment about me?” After a few minutes, I laughed. I thought, “If you saw my financial situation, you are probably a lot better off than I am. I don’t make a lot of money, but I’m content in knowing that I am doing God’s will for this stage of my life.” It was a reminder that we all have critics. These people feel they are experts on our life. They “know” our every motive and intention. I’m convinced they just might have a little too much time on their hands. We just have to let them talk, do our best to love them despite their critical spirit, and know that God truly knows our hearts (which should be the most sobering thought for us all).

The next “callout” was a bit more of an accurate assessment. The bottom line of this assessment was that I did not pray before I shared a particular tweet. This honest thought might get quite a few stones thrown at me, but I didn’t pray before I posted that. Half of my intention was good because I really needed prayer as I am getting close to Sunday, and I am unclear about exactly what God would have me preach. Part of it was semi-related to the rest of the tweet. Did I commit the unpardonable sin by tweeting this? No! Did this individual challenge me to prayerfully address what is often considered something less significant like a tweet? Yes!

The truth is that many of us do things with little to no prayer preceding the action. We often operate on feelings and are more prone to use prayer as a last resort or for something we deem important. Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, said in Philippians 4:6 that “In EVERYTHING by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known unto God.” We should be in constant communion with God, even about what we consider to be little things. When we do not approach something prayerfully, we can often do big harm with small actions.

I know social media can be enough to drive us crazy. There are times when I am tempted to delete it all. Then God uses something He gives me to help others. While social media has the tendency to make lions out of kittens, there are people on these platforms who know how to use it properly. Let us make the choice to be among those who use it wisely.

10 responses to “Called Out on Social Media”

  1. Greetings Pastor Winters yes there will always be criticism when it comes to Gods servants and money. What human beings do not realize is the reality of your job God is your sustainer provider and the church will never hold that title we as laity must be obedient givers and I am sorry for those who continue to open there mouths and have not walked in your shoes as a servant I work very closely with my Pastor its the Lords doing folks are not consistent in giving tithes or offerings and far as praying before posting yes I have learned to pray about it then acknowledge God each step of the way the Holyspirit will speak to you and when you mount the pulpit he will fill your mouth I am lifting you up in prayer. God Bless you and your Family Church. 🙏🏾📖💯🕊🎹🎼🎶🍞🍷

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    1. I always appreciate your words of encouragement and admonition. God bless you!


  2. I got completely off social media, except for WP, three years ago, brother. The knee jerk reactions, talking in an echo chamber, and spending literally hours chasing the likes, follows, comments—all the little red numbers, was more than I cared to handle. Sure, I went through withdrawal for about a week, but then I didn’t miss it anymore. FOMO no longer bothers me.

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    1. I’m sure that was liberating. I did stop using Instagram over a year ago. I don’t take tons of pictures, and I’d look like a fool taking selfies at my age, so there was no love lost😂.

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  3. You???? In it for the money???? Ha! You would easily work for nothing if it gets The Word out! We work for a Higher Authority and that is the only opinion that matters my friend! Continue on, we’ll never be perfect, just forgiven. ❤

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    1. After several years in ministry with ridiculous accusations, I laugh. Not to say that it doesn’t bother me for a minute, but God knows the truth. He is the One I seek to please.

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      1. Exactly right, Matthew! Many families, including ours, as been through similar challenges, It is only when we cling to Truth, as you did, that we carry on, feel pity for their controlling ways, and view the experience as a way God movies us to where He wants us to be. Only then can we see those people thru God’s Eyes, forgive and love them anyway – hard as that is sometimes.

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  4. Hey Pastor, fwiw I appreciate what you post on Twitter, there’s been a couple times where something you shared came across my feed and something of God in it changed things. I know I should be praying and reading the Bible first when dealing with things is tough, but even on social media what’s true from God is good.

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    1. I appreciate you dropping a comment. Paul didn’t call the Christian life “the good fight of faith” for nothing. It can be challenging. Some days, we seem to have it together. Other days, we blow it. I’ll pray for you and ask you pray for me to honor the Lord in all things.

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      1. Thanks for praying and will do. And thank God for the Other days showing how much we need to be in Christ on those Some days too.


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