It’s Their Fault!

Blame is something that is a few thousand years old, going all the way back to the Garden of Eden. We watch it happen multiple times a day. I see my kids do it. I even see myself do it. For the purpose of writing this blog, I’m going to blame some people for my predicament. Indulge me for a few minutes.

I won’t bore you with all the details of the last 3 years for those who know me, but you know that it can pretty well be summed up in a church plant that didn’t go as expected, 2 interview processes with churches where I didn’t belong, and me throwing up my hands and planning to never be on a church staff again. That got ruined quickly😂, but I was still telling God I wouldn’t pastor again.

As I was telling myself I would never pastor again and that no church would want me, God was preparing spokesmen to tell me I was wrong. One of those was a man named Dwight Whitworth. I had contacted him about his consulting business, and he had my number. His discernment radiated in that call, and he told me what I already knew – I needed to re-establish myself as a pastor. He also connected me with a pastor who had a similar story. This pastor was living proof that divorced and remarried guys don’t rot until God calls them home. Then, Anita Parks from ServantCARE spoke some healing into my life. From the mouth of two or three witnesses…

I jokingly say “It’s their fault”, but I say that with thanksgiving. I believe I would have continued floundering had Dwight not spoken directly into my life and these others confirmed it. Please understand that many others were doing the same thing, but we often dismiss those with whom we are most familiar. These three I mentioned don’t know me that well, but they were in tune with God enough to know what to say to direct me.

We all need someone to blame for keeping us accountable and provoking us to do the right thing. Who is that person in your life? If you don’t have that, find it. I’m the type of person who turns over rocks looking for these people, and God never disappoints. I’m so glad God led these people my way to speak the truth boldly. I’m back in the pastorate today, and it’s their fault😀.

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