The “Magic” of Preaching

You may read the title and think I’ve lost my mind, potentially going mystical or new age. Let me clarify – I’m not! There’s something amazing and supernatural about preaching. I have done it for over 25 years (preaching my first sermon when I was either 13 or 14), and I have watched God do something “magical” over and over. Only God could take a shy, backward only child from Portsmouth, Virginia, give Him a divine message from Scripture, and produce divine results.

Today was no exception. Every time I’m invited to preach somewhere, I ask God to reveal to me the message He would have me deliver. It’s not that there is a shortage of material, because we have 66 books of the Bible full of material. The challenge is discerning what is the message for that hour. God led me to a particular message, and I really questioned if I should preach this as I felt that maybe the people were beyond that place in life to need that message. (It’s crazy how we make assumptions!) Before I left, I knew who needed that message.

In this stage of ministry, it’s funny that I still fear being transparent in my preaching. Many preachers won’t share personal examples, especially about the ugly parts of their life. One of my ugly parts is that I’ve been divorced. Most pastors I know would try to hide it or avoid it. Some people told me that God wouldn’t use me post-divorce. I’m glad to tell you He still uses me. Not everyone appreciates my honesty, but some do. And that’s perfectly okay! I will continue to walk through the open doors He gives, be obedient and transparent, and watch Him do what He does best. The hour is crucial, and people need the message of Christ more than ever. God is still doing the supernatural through ordinary people like you and me. Find what it is He has given you to do and do it will all your heart. He’s got the rest taken care of.

7 responses to “The “Magic” of Preaching”

  1. I know it’s a small thing but being “Magical” is an occult associated word, If it was me, I would have chosen “The Word Preached!” Or something to that effect. Since today’s worldly association is ok by the Cheap Grace worldly Church it blurrs separation of Yeshua’s Church. Shalom!

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  2. Wonderful posts. However, since you are being transparent, may I ask… 1. What was broken that brought you to a divorce? 2. What is God bringing about within you as pertaining to healing that will help you avoid this in the future? and 3. How has this brought you closer to Jesus? Thank you for allowing me to ask. It’s 3 a.m. and I’m sitting here at my computer wondering about becoming transparent regarding an issue that ‘broke’ in me and just looking for an example as to the revealing/healing process in others. Be Blessed!!!

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    1. While it was ultimately not my decision, I acknowledge that I was a wreck of a person when I entered the marriage at age 20. My own struggles with insecurity, anxiety, and depression, along with poor leadership and little knowledge of what love really is didn’t help matters. I had built up years of bitterness and resentment due to offenses that never really went away. I have to work hard now to keep from ever getting to that point again. I can much more easily recognize patterns this time around than I did before.


  3. You know, sometimes I feel like people hold pastors in a higher regard in that they are supposed to be “more holy and pure” then themselves. But, that’s not true, we are all human, all stumble, and all go through things we wish to hide. So, thank you for being transparent. And keep it up! We’re all in this life together!

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  4. When we have faith and are open to God’s direction, and pray in the Spirit, miraculous things happen. 🌺

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  5. Thanks for this post, and for your faith-filled honesty. This is my first visit, but I look forward to reading more of your reflections in the future. Blessings to you in your ministry.

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    1. It’s great to connect with you. I look forward to visiting your blog and interacting with you in the days ahead.

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