Three People We Need in Life

I’m not sure what crossed your mind when you read the title. I don’t know if you were receptive, or if you are one who is all about the self-reliance, letting no one into your life but you. If that is the last, I must warn you that isolation is worse. Just saying!Anyway, we have three types of people we need in our life.

Everyone needs someone older and wiser in his or her life. I have always been blessed with those people. In the Bible, Paul was that to Timothy. I have been blessed with both men and women who gave sound advice to this young, struggling boy. Among my favorites was a lady named Myrtle Griggs. Myrtle went to be with the Lord nearly three years ago. I still wish I could pick up the phone and call her, but God has blessed me with several others who provide a similar level of wisdom.

Everyone also needs an encourager. Scripture tells of a man named Barnabas, whose name meant “son of consolation (encouragement)”. The world is full of negative people. Find one or more who will speak life into you. It’s a blessing to have a cheerleader in your life who will see your strengths and potential and praise those qualities.

Finally, everyone needs someone to correct you when necessary – one who will teach and rebuke. Scripture says, “Faithful are the wounds of a friend”. A true friend will speak up when you are about to screw up. That is real love.

I can’t take credit for these thoughts. Someone from Twitter commented, and I couldn’t help but share these with my blogging audience. If you do not have each of these three people in your life, find them. They may be at work, church, or in your family. Wherever they are, humble yourself enough to benefit from the contribution they can make in your life. You’ll be glad you did.

8 responses to “Three People We Need in Life”

  1. I have plenty of encouragers!
    I have one to give me rebuke, yet I wish for another.
    I have no one that I turn to for advice. Everyone I’ve turned to for advice in the past has always said to turn to God for that advice, and I’ve found that to be the best answer.

    But I do believe that this is important! We are also to find all these persons in Christ! And I believe we are each called to be at a minimum one of these persons to others.

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    1. Matthew Winters Avatar
      Matthew Winters

      I appreciate you coming from the angle of the reality that we should be one of the three to others. As I’m hitting mid-life, I’m able to be the older (and hopefully wiser). I also have the gift of encouragement. It is, however, difficult for me to rebuke (except for my children).


      1. I currently rest in a very similar place as you in that respect. The major differences being our great gap in age and my lack of children. However, I have many younger siblings, both biological and spiritual, whom I love dearly, and whom God has called me to lead.

        It seems to me that the more mature people grow in Christ, the harder it is for them to rebuke a person, even a friend. For children, it is a command from God to do so, yet it seems more carefully prayed over as the parent grows in maturity. Less often is a rebuke given in the anger, frustration, or pride of the flesh, and far more often is it given in the love of the Spirit. I believe this to be the heart of the rebuke of God. Entirely given in love, and not in pride or self-love. While God often uses rebuke given in the flesh for good, in order to bring Himself the glory, the rebuke which He desires us to give comes from His love for the subject of rebuke. Hence the reason why as we grow with Him, despising and allowing the Lord to crucify the works of our flesh, we find it harder to rebuke.

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  2. Dalton TheoNeil Smith Avatar
    Dalton TheoNeil Smith

    At this stage of my life, I am praying for a mentor and spiritual dad type person. It seems I’m like an apostle John to people, the emotional support. People are vulnerable with me and share their deep pain easily. ( Gift of Mercy).

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    1. I can relate to the gift of mercy. I pray God will place the right spiritual dad in your life. The benefits will be wonderful.

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  3. That’s a great three types of people!! Amazing when one person shares two or all traits, too!

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    1. Matthew Winters Avatar
      Matthew Winters


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