Don’t Cry Out Loud?

Cue the music. If you’re drawing closer to 40 like I am, then you remember the song. I believe it was Melissa Manchester who recorded. Now cuing the younger people googling this ancient song.

Crying out loud…is it a sign of weakness? Is it really that bad? Many have stigmatized it, but some actually appreciate it. There are some crazy people out there (like me) who cry out loud and appreciate those who do. Why? Because I appreciate vulnerability. People who hide their raw selves can be found on every corner.

Our Savior wept. At a moment when He had the power to raise Lazarus from the dead, He wept over the death of His friend. Think about it! If the King of Glory wept, don’t we have permission to process our emotions in such a way?

What about processing our emotions like this in the presence of others? Isn’t that showing weakness? Yes! But doesn’t Scripture say that we are made strong in our weakness?

As we begin a new week, I want you to consider something – How effective is your tough facade? You may be strutting around acting like Superman or Wonder Woman, but people are likely seeing your struggle. Get this! If you were open about it, you might gain strength and help others in the process. How awesome would that be?!?

As I close, I will spare you having to look up this song on YouTube. Here it is:

One response to “Don’t Cry Out Loud?”

  1. As another blogger shared a few days ago, there’s a difference between complaining and sharing our burdens, stress. We can’t bear each other up if we don’t know how.

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