Things That Break a Pastor’s Heart

As I was reading statements from pastors about how they responded to the Coronavirus onset in 2020, I could really sense the emotions at hand. Pastors did not want to have to cancel services. They agonized over the decision for various reasons. Then I began to think about the various things that break a pastor’sContinue reading “Things That Break a Pastor’s Heart”

Leading Yourself Well

I love connecting with my Twitter connections offline. Occasionally, I will contact different ones and set up a conversation, especially if I want to learn more about their line of work. One of those people is a lady named Jan McDonald. She is a certified coach through the John Maxwell program. She is a dynamicContinue reading “Leading Yourself Well”

Love Ain’t Got Nothin’ To Do With This

This post is from the archives (4 years ago today). It’s a persistent struggle we all face. I pray this reminder helps us all. Gotta love my grammar, right? I preached a 3-week series called “What’s Love Got to Do with It?”. Today, I talked about something love has nothing to do with – fear.Continue reading “Love Ain’t Got Nothin’ To Do With This”