<, >, and = (Lessons from Mathematical Symbols)

Insecurity has been something that has plagued me for most of my life. I was overweight from the time I was a 6 year old boy, and I was 9 times out of 10 the one who was overlooked to be picked for someone’s team when playing on the playground or in PE. (Because IContinue reading “<, >, and = (Lessons from Mathematical Symbols)”

Did the Church Pave the Way for Cancel Culture?

The term “cancel culture” has been a pretty hot topic for some time. In my reading, most references to this point back to a person. When we “cancel” a person, that person’s accomplishments, failures, and even victories are “removed”. While we can remove or “cancel” people from social media, history books, and other records, theseContinue reading “Did the Church Pave the Way for Cancel Culture?”

It’s Not About Me – A Needed Reminder

A dear brother in Christ shared these thoughts with me earlier today and gave me permission to share them. His thoughts resounded with me as the number of celebrities seems to increase while the number of servants decreases. May God convict us all and bring us to the point where our life’s motto is “NotContinue reading “It’s Not About Me – A Needed Reminder”

Many Open Doors and the Bible’s Fine Print

In last night’s post, I shared how God has been opening many doors to preach. Because of God’s call on my life, these open doors thrill my soul. This is what I’ve believed God for. I waited longer than I wanted, but God did His work in His time. I have, however, noticed something aboutContinue reading “Many Open Doors and the Bible’s Fine Print”