The Selection of a King and Its Relation to a Pastoral Search

I have been on staff in two churches when the membership had the daunting task of selecting its next pastor. In both situations, I served in an interim worship role. In 2012, I was the candidate in consideration for what would become my first pastorate. As I said, discerning God’s will for a pastor isContinue reading “The Selection of a King and Its Relation to a Pastoral Search”

Should the Church Be Silent About Racism?

One crime with racist intent is too many, but we have seen multiple. The number keeps climbing. People stand back and say, “It’s just coincidence that this keeps happening” or “Not all of these crimes are about race”. We can say whatever we want, but the truth is that racism still exists. How do IContinue reading “Should the Church Be Silent About Racism?”

The Church Never Closed

The reopening of the church has been a very hot topic among pastors and parishioners alike. I see daily remarks on social media. Some churches are continuing online while others are continuing drive-in services. Some churches never stopped meeting, and others have already resumed corporate worship services. The criticisms of what churches are doing isContinue reading “The Church Never Closed”