Bed-bound Shut-In Takes Legal Action Against Church Because Nominating Committee Did Not Select Her to Lead Dance Team

Bertha Riley, long-time member of Joyful Fellowship Church, is taking legal action against the church because the nominating committee did not choose her to fill the vacancy of Church Dance Team Leader. Ms. Riley, age 99, has been unable to attend the church for the last 15 years due to numerous health problems. Despite her inability to attend church, her longtime friend and charter member of the church, Ethel Mae Hill, age 97, visits daily, providing her with bulletins, printed materials, and other church news circulating through the Happy Hearts, the church’s senior adult ministry.

When Ms. Riley received the church’s nominating committee report, she immediately called her attorney to take legal action. Riley told news reporters, “I have been at Joyful Fellowship nearly all my life. I cannot believe the leadership of the church did not nominate me to lead the dance ministry of the church. I know I haven’t been able to get out of bed in fifteen years, but it was a slap in the face when the nominating committee picked some young whippersnapper to fill the position. This woman might be able to dance, but I guarantee she doesn’t give as much money to the church as I do. Now, I’m giving my money to the attorney in order to receive decades of tithe back in reparations for the emotional trauma the church leadership has caused me.”

Donald Jones, chairperson of the nominating committee, has not been available for comment. The jury trial is scheduled for January 25.

NOTE: The following is satire. I could not resist at least one more thing of this nature. The sad part is that things like this often happen in churches. Names have been changed to protect the guilty😂.

9 responses to “Bed-bound Shut-In Takes Legal Action Against Church Because Nominating Committee Did Not Select Her to Lead Dance Team”

  1. It is sad that many people act the way this lady did in real life. Giving only to expect special favor.

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    1. I have seen it too frequently. People I dearly love have made such statements. It can be very disheartening!

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  2. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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    1. Thanks for the reblog! Blessings to you!

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  3. Stall her attorney with frivolous motions and paperwork. She won’t live long enough to see the case through. (It’s the Christian thing to do.)

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    1. Similar to church business meetings😂?


  4. So sad and yet so true. Coming from atheism I was perplexed how some people in the church act this way. I’m all like, “Uh, aren’t we supposed to be God’s people around here?” But alas, at least it keeps me depending on His grace to not go pre-Jesus Ericka on them lol!

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    1. It’s definitely a fight to be as patient with them as God is with us.

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