How Do You View People?

Many of my blog post titles are questions. I want people to ask themselves a question and deeply ponder the answer. Today I ask the question, “How do you view people?” Your view of people makes a difference in your immediate life and your influence in the lives of others.

Some view people as a means to an end. If you’re the mean supervisor, people are simply a means of helping you look successful as a supervisor when they produce great results. In relationships, the other person is often viewed as a means of pleasure and potentially someone who makes the other look good.

I want to view this topic from a Christian slant. How do you view people? They fall into one of the following categories: vile, wretched sinner? wayward person who once did the “right things”? Or, person who honors God? If we could someone view people the way God does, we would be doing great.

When Jesus saw the multitudes, Matthew 9 says He was moved with compassion, because they were acting like sheep without a shepherd. It didn’t say He got mad and called them a bunch of names. It didn’t say He avoided them. Jesus was the harshest with those who knew better. They were most often the religious people.

We all deal with all kinds of people. In the church world (the place where we wish we couldn’t expect people to be mean), we find a variety of rebels. They still need ministry. Some are on fire for Christ. Others just have a basic form of cold, Southern religion. There are still others who have no real relationship with Christ, but they show up to upset the apple cart.

My response should be love and prayer. For most people, these are not the natural default. We tend to moan, whine, and complain about the difficult people in our lives. They need the love of Jesus shining through us. How do you view people? They are people for whom Christ died – just like you and me!

3 responses to “How Do You View People?”

  1. Beautiful post, brother! I try very hard to view others as Jesus would. Although hard at times, I know that Jesus died for us all! There was a man arrested near my home after causing a domestic scene for many minutes in this very quiet neighborhood. It scared some people. I’ve been around violent people, overseas, worked with many kinds~I also know how “church people” can be viewed. It helps me to try and see as Jesus would and to also think of the person when he or she was young and once someone’s small baby (does that make sense?). All I can do is my best! With God’s help!!

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    1. The tension between flesh and spirit in relation to how we treat people will be a lifelong tension. For me personally, I know I need the regular reminders. I can’t do it without the help of the Lord.

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