Is Jesus Impressed with Our Performance?

A few months ago, I downloaded a new book on Audible. It is “Becoming Free Indeed” by Jinger Duggar Vuolo. You may be all too familiar with the Duggar family. Jinger is the sixth child. In her book, she exposes the erroneous teaching of Bill Gothard, founder of the Institute in Basic Life Principles. In this book, Jinger Duggar Vuolo addresses the subject of how God truly feels about our performance.

Like the author, I was exposed to the principles of Bill Gothard in the Christian school where I graduated. I was taught many things that sounded spiritual but were not biblical. While I knew that salvation was by grace through faith, it was implied that salvation was kept by a maintenance plan. In other words, I had to work to keep my salvation. While holiness and obedience overflow from a heart that loves God, He is not impressed by my performance. No hair length, style of dress, version of the Bible, or musical preference can help me win or lose points with God.

If you are struggling with the subject of freedom in Christ, I dare you to get this book. The author faithfully expounds on what the Bible says rather than what Bill Gothard or your favorite preacher says. She finds the biblical balance in the midst of religious extremes. Unfortunately, biblical balance is rare. Many would rather teach extremes that sound biblical rather than what God clearly says in Scripture.

Is God impressed with our performance? I would almost guarantee that it is exactly that – performance – faking an outward standard when we are rotten on the inside. You can brag that you don’t commit adultery while you lust after every woman you see, Jesus says you’re committing adultery in your heart. He’s not impressed! It’s time to be transformed rather than be conformed.

One response to “Is Jesus Impressed with Our Performance?”

  1. Amen! I’m not extreme. I never have been. I want to walk in the truth of the Word! I’ve sinned. I’ve fallen. God knows your heart IF it’s truly his! No amount of work or all the things you mentioned are going to make HIM love us more or less. I do believe O have to confess and lay so many things at the altar! Humans are messy! But it won’t be works that allow me to experience heaven~it’s my heart and conscious decision to truly love HIM, follow HIM, and love others. The two greatest commandments! Stay blessed!

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