Ever Changing Times

In my message leading up to my resignation announcement as pastor of Oasis Church, I preached from Ecclesiastes 3 – to everything there is a season. One of my points was that nothing lasts forever. As I was sitting at my stepdaughter’s chorus concert tonight, that was the theme in my mind.

As I write this post, I can’t think of much in my life that is constant. Friends come and go. Ministries come and go (or God moves me in and out of them). I can assure you that I have one constant in my life – Jesus Christ!

You may be reading this and mourning losses in your life. Maybe you banked on a marriage that failed. A job that was lost. Friends who said they would always be there. These things didn’t stick, and you’re left with discouragement and heartache. Jesus promised to never leave you nor forsake you.

I can testify that Jesus hasn’t disappointed me. Has God always done what I wanted or how I wanted? Rarely! Has He done what I needed? Yes! All the time! He has been there through my anxiety and depression. He was there through my divorce. He was there when my mother went to be with Him. At every turn, He has been with me.

Times are changing! Nothing stays the same. Well, at least everything but Christ. If you do not know Him, give your life to Him today.

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