A Few Good Men

I know as I begin writing this blog post, there will be some who will blast me for posting about two Christian leaders who passed away this week. (After being in ministry for 26 years, I’m used to it so go ahead. Now back to the post😀…) One of these men was more renowned, but God used both to reach many for Christ. These two men are Dr. Charles Stanley, Pastor Emeritus of First Baptist Church of Atlanta, GA, and Ron Hamilton, better known as “Patch the Pirate.”

Dr. Charles Stanley has been on television and radio for decades. Many have listened to his “In Touch” broadcast and been touched by it. Dr. Stanley was quite controversial during the days of the conservative resurgence among Southern Baptists. Many who were on the same team were ready to write him off after his divorce in 2000. Despite the difficulties, he remained faithful.

Ron Hamilton is one who was lesser known, but he was most certainly not unknown among more conservative independent Baptists. He was a prolific songwriter who also wrote the “Patch the Pirate” children’s curriculum after his diagnosis with eye cancer and his subsequent eye removal. Many churches have used his curriculum for their children’s ministry.

The thing that impressed me most about these two men is that they took their adversities and ministered through them. I can’t help but think how I want that type of resilience and perseverance. Will you join me in praying for these two families?

2 responses to “A Few Good Men”

  1. Praying for both of their families that they might find peace and that they will feel that peace that comes when you feel the presence of the Lord nearby. Bring them Your comfort Lord and minister to their individual needs. In Jesus name I pray.

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  2. Wanna come to church with me? When was the last time you were invited to church by someone? Are you blessing God and manifesting his manifold wisdom to the principalities and powers, the rulers in heavenly places where you go to church? Is the church you attend doing that? 
    Wanna come give Last Church a whirl? 
    If last church really does that, then Last Church will be the last church you ever seek, the last church you ever attend, the last church you ever need. It’s a very humble gathering. Very risky to be a part of. But if you think there’s more to life and worship, more to Jesus and resurrection life than what you’ve found elsewhere, please consider Last Church (hypothetically, anyway).
    To learn more, drop in at the post linked here:
    LAST CHURCH OF LUBBOCK, TEXAS (Hypothetically, Speaking) | Fat Beggars School of Prophets (wordpress.com)

    Please pray for us.
    God bless you,
    Thanx for giving us your attention.

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