Making Memories

On December 21, 2022, I took my Mom to an appointment. During the appointment, the doctor asked her if she was excited about Christmas. She always got depressed around Christmas because it brought back thoughts of my grandmother who has been with the Lord since April 2010. The doctor proceeded to say, “Christmas isn’t necessarily about enjoying the things you do, but making memories while you do them.” It changed my perspective.

Over the upcoming days, I began to think about everything through the lens of making memories. Little did I know it would be the last few weeks I would have to make memories with my Mom. After the appointment, we grabbed lunch before I took her home. We made a memory. On Christmas Eve, I went over to her place to wrap gifts because she didn’t feel up to it. Our last memory before she was hospitalized and later went to be with the Lord was the trip to church on Christmas Day. She was not feeling well that day, and I sensed this may be the last Christmas we would have together.

Since my Mom’s homegoing, I see so much more through the lens of making memories. We spend so much time focusing on the life we want rather than enjoying the life we have. I have been so guilty. I will not be robbed of joy. I choose joy! I choose to make lasting, enjoyable memories with the people I love. I even choose to make some good memories with difficult people. Life is too short!

How well are you doing at making memories? Are you waiting for better memories when your kids are older or when you’re making more money? Are you seeking to make better memories in a different marriage or a different job? If that is the case, you may never make good memories. Choose to make good ones where you are today! A perspective like this is truly a game changer!

One response to “Making Memories”

  1. That’s awesome you got to spend time with your moms before she passed. There’s a line from an old Mary Chapin Carpenter tune, “We’ve got two lives, the one we’re living and the other one we make” your post reminded me of. Not sure of the theology of that but there’s some truth in it.

    This isn’t a new idea but it’s good, for Christmas and birthdays and anniversaries, instead of buying more stuff, do something together. We’ve practiced this for awhile and it’s good. This past Christmas our gift to each other was to see the Messiah performed live at Lincoln Center by the NY Philharmonic and catch a meal in NYC and take some pics, a few selfies together in Times Square. I don’t remember much of the stuff I’ve gotten as gifts, but I remember the good times being together.

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