I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost! Really?

If you’re my age or older, the theme song from “Ghostbusters” is probably playing through your head. Fun fact about me – I was obsessed with Ghostbusters when I was a kid, and my Mom always bought me the latest Ghostbusters toys. In light of recent events on Christian college campuses, I’ve discovered that many in the Christian community are seeking to be Ghostbusters. While they say, “I ain’t afraid of no ghost”, their actions display that they are rather afraid of the work of the Holy Ghost and they are doing everything that can to bust Him.

(Cue the naysayers criticizing me for calling it a work of the Holy Spirit. Cue me responding with “Would the devil lead people to repent of sin?”)

I quickly discovered that non-Pentecostal, non-Charismatic Christians are often afraid of the Holy Spirit. Not all, but some! Before you throw stones, I’m one of those guys with a non-Pentecostal, non-Charismatic background. We have a tendency to put God in our little, cerebral, well-calculated box because we believe God is not a God of chaos and confusion. That last part of the sentence is Scriptural. But who has the greater power to define the difference between what is order and what is chaos? GOD!

God has the prerogative to shake things up however He wills. Some would like to say God’s work became limited after the Bible was complete. God continues to work, and I’m extremely glad He does. It may not fit my little framework, but who am I (the creation) to scoff at the work of the Creator?!?

I would be lying to you if I told you that God’s work doesn’t scare me. It shakes me up rather frequently. But guess what?!? I’m glad He shakes and stirs and disturbs my comfort zone. If He didn’t, I wouldn’t enjoy this ministry adventure I’m on and I wouldn’t stand in awe of our great God. With that in mind, the Holy Ghost can scare me any time He wants!

2 responses to “I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost! Really?”

  1. Thanks Matthew for your honesty. I too was raised in a traditional church and pictured the Holy Ghost as something floating around heaven. Who knew that I would be brought to my knees by Him. Because I was willing to come out of my comfort zone, to do what He told me to do, He showed me not to be afraid but to embrace what He had to offer me. I pray that all the “ closet charismatics” would stand up for what they believe. You are a blessing to me and so many others.

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    1. You are a blessing to me too! Thank you for being a faithful reader and encourager!


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