The New Normal

I remember when the phrase “the new normal” became quite popular as states were trying to figure out what to do in the response to COVID. For me, it has become the response to life after the passing of my mother. From December 28 until February 15, every day was spent at a hospital, hospice house, or at her apartment trying to get everything out. While it shifted my normal home routine for a month and a half, my wife and kids were troopers and knew this would be temporary.

For me, “the new normal” is being home after work, eating meals with my family, and getting to see kids before they go to bed. It also includes getting to attend events with the kids. Today included tagging along with my bonus daughter’s AP Music Theory class to hear the Greenville Symphony followed by dinner at a sandwich shop in downtown Greenville. We had a great time, plus it took me down memory lane when I was a high school musician.

I couldn’t help but think about my mom as she was a clarinetist who would have thoroughly enjoyed this experience. I now have the privilege of passing along her stories, life experiences, and wisdom. Each passing day brings laughter and peace with a few tears intermingled. I can’t help but love my family with a greater intensity as I’m able to pour my life into them.

To the reader, please let your normal include cherishing your spouse, kids, or whatever friends or relatives you have. You never know when death will come unexpectedly. Don’t let that day come, and you end up full of regrets because of missed opportunities. Make memories. Be present. You won’t regret that!

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  1. Well said. Thanks.

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