Bye, Bye, Bye! Thoughts on 2022

If you know the song, you’re probably humming or singing it. That short segment is how I feel about 2022. It hasn’t been a horrible year, but it has had its challenges. In saying bye to 2022, I’m ready to say hello to several things.

In saying bye to financial difficulty, I’m saying hello to better stewardship. The financial challenges of 2022 prepared me for a lot of things I did not foresee, but I would not have chosen it.

In wanting to say bye to church challenges, I want to say hello to greater wisdom and endurance because ministry cannot be without challenges.

I want to say bye to a lack of diligence in some areas and say hello to doing the hard things when I don’t want to do them.

Did you notice how my wording changed for each one? Sometimes we want an ideal, but our flesh resists the effort we must put forth to put bad habits to death and form good ones.

Many of you will face that crossroads in the new year. What will you do when you get there? Will you say bye, or will say hello? Make sure you say bye and hello to the right things…My 2023 challenge to you!

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