House Cleaning

Time to break out the cleaning solution, mops, rags, etc., right? You may be thinking it’s time to run. This morning, I took some time to work on some things I had let go at home for quite some time. It was a small step, but I felt extremely accomplished. Afterward, I began to think of the areas of my life that need “house cleaning”.

When you think of house cleaning, you may be thinking of filth. Not every area of life that needs cleaning is an emergency situation. Some things just need someone to tidy them up a bit. Maybe give it some better organization.

It’s amazing how quickly a small bit of disorganization can become a huge mess. Christians, and even churches, often ignore the minor until it becomes major. What could have been manageable ends up taking years to correct.

Take some time to assess your house. When I say your house, that could mean your thinking, your health, friendships, etc. Manage it now before it controls you.

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