Duty or Delight

I have always been a “check off the boxes” kind of guy. Manly men do not pass go and collect $200. They do what has to be done with no small talk or pleasantries along the way, right? I’m not calling myself the epitome of a manly man here, but I am saying that there are certain expectations that come with being a man…or an adult, for that matter. While God doesn’t want us neglecting responsibility, God doesn’t want us hating life either.

On my drive to church yesterday, I was reflecting on Mary and Martha’s encounter with Jesus as recorded in Luke 10. Martha was busy in the kitchen. Mary was hanging out at the feet of Jesus. Martha was focused on the responsibility while Mary was focused on the relationship. Relationship and responsibility have to meet. Duty and delight have to meet.

As you start out this week and try to check off the boxes, it’s okay to enjoy the journey. In fact, the Bible tells us to serve the Lord with gladness. It’s okay to be happy while you’re getting things done. Take a minute to change your thinking. You’ll be glad you did.

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