Blogging from the Middle of the Highway

Here I am, sitting in the middle of a popular 2-lane highway in South Carolina. I took this road to avoid the hectic traffic of the interstate, and here I am sitting still. I am in the middle of nowhere, so my GPS almost had a hernia as it attempted to reroute. I find it interesting that this happens in the middle of a conversation I am having with God about some selfish tendencies I fight. Then He tests me by making me wait. The funny part was that the fire truck that is blocking both lanes moved and got my hopes up, then it parked back in place. It made the waiting even more testy.

Here is the thing about such matters. We can be so quick to think about how much it inconveniences us, and we are slow to think of the potential emergency up ahead. At this moment, I have no clue what is going on. I pray that whoever is involved is okay. If not, may God give grace to those affected and provide His touch to the situation.

The next time you are stuck in the middle of the road, whether literally or figuratively, remember God has a purpose and something He can teach you if you will be His student. He may be telling you to slow down. He may be telling you to be still and meditate on His goodness. Whatever it is, resist the urge to pout. It’s not worth it!

3 responses to “Blogging from the Middle of the Highway”

  1. Great insights brother! And know that you just stepped all over this Preacherman’s Toes!

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    1. We have to have our own toes stepped on from time to time. I believe, if I know you well enough, that you experience that weekly. Your sermons are always convicting and challenging, so I have no doubt that you too go limping into the pulpit because God has been dealing with you all week before you preach.


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