Leading Yourself Well

I love connecting with my Twitter connections offline. Occasionally, I will contact different ones and set up a conversation, especially if I want to learn more about their line of work. One of those people is a lady named Jan McDonald. She is a certified coach through the John Maxwell program. She is a dynamic lady with a powerful story.

In my conversation with her, she said something that has stuck to this day. I find myself thinking about this statement daily – “Most people don’t know how to lead themselves well.” They want to lead others, but they can’t lead themselves. It hit hard because I knew there were areas of my life where I was not leading myself well, and other areas of my life were paying for it.

How are you doing at leading yourself? If your answer is “poorly”, do you have a plan to change it? God didn’t design us to try to be a lone ranger, so you might need some help. Find someone who can help you on the journey – someone who will hold you accountable. This is too important to go left unattended. Your life, your family, your finances, and so many other things hang in the balance. God wants you to be your best. He will help you, but are you willing to take the first step?

14 thoughts on “Leading Yourself Well

  1. Hey man, you’re on a roll with new posts. Awesome. Just a quick comment, one of the words in the NT that hits home is “go” as in Jesus’ “you did not choose me but I chose you and appointed you to go…” Y’know what, the greek word for “go” is hupago and it means to “lead yourself under”. Over the years facing things and dealing with stuff, that’s been a huge encouragement when things get tough that the way forward following Jesus is thru them. I screw up at it like you say in your post, but facing two paths, go often means taking the narrow one and finding life cause of it.

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  2. Here’s looking at you kid…you be the preacher 🙂 Then again I guess we’ve all been given a message to give. Speaking of, are any of your messages posted online or YouTube? There’s no link on Twitter.

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    1. Our church is rebranding, and all of my messages beginning this weekend can be found on Facebook on the Oasis Church of Anderson page. All old messages can be found on Facebook at The Exchanged Life Center.


      1. I thought you had to be signed up to access FB, I’ll definitely check it out, you gotta a real pastor’s heart and guessing that comes thru what you’re saying. Hey man, if you think about it, tomorrow I’m speaking on a survivor’s podcast and have never spoken publicly about it, pray God gives words that point to Christ.

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      2. Hey man, I forgot to wish y’all the best for your opening today, praying for y’all that you being there is light for others and help on the journey. God bless y’all!


  3. No sorries man, you be building a church and that’s hard work that takes a lotta time. Hope it went great yesterday, I checked online but nothing had posted yet, I’m gonna check back later this week. I’m thinking it went good, just good conversation. It’s only been a few years since remembering being molested and there’s brothers online who’ve been there I’m walking it with, but I’ve only spoken with my wife and thought I’d screw up talking. It was good tho. It’s been a crazy journey most of my life dealing with the fallout not knowing why. I talked about the spiritual resources in Christ you find following Jesus when you don’t have answers for things you’re going thru, and it led to good conversation. Plus they promised to edit out all the dumb stuff I said. Anyway, I believe God can use it for good in those listen, that you can find in Christ what you need to go thru and go on in life.

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      1. Here’s a link to their podcast
        Don’t know how quick new ones get posted, but there’s like 40+ episodes to check out. I’m guessing you’re good at conversation so you’d do good, and yeah I’d be there if it makes sense for what you’re doing but you might wanna check out how it went before asking.

        Thanks for the link, I’m guessing I checked too soon yesterday.

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