What’s Happening?

If you are older than I am, you probably watched a sitcom called “What’s Happening?” I love older shows, so I enjoyed watching it. Since I’ve been silent for a while, I thought I might write about what’s happening. This sitcom had a character named “Rerun.” I feel like “rerun” might be the story of my life, but we have had some nice twists and turns in the mix.

Last year around this time, I returned to the pastorate. It has been a pretty glorious journey as I have watched God breathe new life into the church and into my own life. We have baptized 4 people, witnessed a rise in giving and attendance, and seen some new folks step up and serve. That is just the beginning.

When I became the pastor, the leadership discussed a relaunch. The thought scared me half to death since I flopped at my church planting attempt and stepped down 11 months into my first pastorate due to family issues. My first thought was, “Lord, we will do this in about 2-3 years.” The leadership was eager, signs pointed toward “GO” within 6 months, and we made the announcement with applause from the congregation. We waited until late January to begin the process, and God has aligned things beautifully. From the decision for the name to logos to building renovations, God has unified the people, and they are ready to share the love of Christ like never before.

This coming Saturday and Sunday is our opening weekend for the relaunch. Saturday will be our Spring festival with the opening service on Sunday. I would ask you to join me in praying for this. I just want what God wants for this beautiful body of believers. I simply want God to write the story and receive all the glory.

Maybe after next weekend, I can return to writing regularly and keep you in the loop on “what’s happening”…

6 responses to “What’s Happening?”

  1. I will be prayer you stay focused on all Gods goals and God will maintain your life goals it’s a blessing to hear how God is bringing his church your Kingdom Assignment together to God be all the Glory Kudos Pastor Winters stay in prayer it is the Key to everything!

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  2. Sounds so exciting–and scary!! God brought the right person to them for such a time as this! Can’t wait to see and hear all the wonderful things God is doing! You got this, brother! Well, you and Jesus!!!!!!

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  3. Praying the relaunch is a revival and blessing for all. 🙏🌺

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