Some Balances Shouldn’t Be Transferred

If you are like me, you may find yourself needing to transfer a balance from time to time. Our checking account is set up to transfer $1 for each transaction into our savings account. As life happens, we occasionally need to transfer some money from savings back into our checking account in order to prevent a negative balance. Not every balance in life should be transferred.

As we usher in a new year, some things need to be left behind. Some things are not meant to be carried into 2022. We often cherish mindsets, ways that no longer work, attitudes, and all kinds of things that we should have never embraced to start with. People often know they need to change, yet they hold on to the very things that kill them.

As you prepare to enter a new year, I encourage you to assess your life. What needs to stay behind? What people, attitudes, mindsets, etc. need to be left behind in order for you to walk in the joy of the Lord? If you truly want to know, the Holy Spirit will reveal these things to you. The choice is yours whether you will continue to walk in bondage or walk in freedom. My recommendation is you walk in freedom. You’ll be glad you did!

3 responses to “Some Balances Shouldn’t Be Transferred”

  1. Pastor Matthew Winters you are speaking truth we can not take old baggage into 2022 it is time to shed the excess. God is confirming the importance of being spiritually free in Christ we must get ready for the Harvest and the return of Jesus Christ you your family church have a Happy New Year in 2022 Lord delays his coming

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    1. God bless you too in this new year!


  2. Someone here are WP had a great idea, brother Matt. We should think more about what we’re NOT gonna do in 2022. It’s a matter of subtraction, not addition. Blessings!

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