An Explosive 4th of July

I think we all think explosion when we think of July 4, but it is typically related to fireworks. Today, our church had a few explosions. Let me say these were good and, well, not so bad explosions.

First, let me begin with the good explosion. I have now been pastor for 2 months. On a Sunday when most churches would have a significant number on vacation, we had the largest crowd since my arrival. I was told by our elder who counted that it was the largest in 3 years. We have had several guests who have been continually returning and speaking very positively about their experience with our church body. Needless to say, I’m thrilled over this positive explosion.

After our service, we had a meal and time of fun with indoor and outdoor games. We were having a blast until another “explosion” took place. This explosion was water from the outside spigot coming in through my office, down the hall, and into the fellowship hall. Members and guests alike jumped in and cleaned up the mess quickly. No one complained or looked at it as an inconvenience. We were able to clean up and be out by the time another church who uses our facility was coming in to set up.

The day isn’t over, and I have no idea if anything else will happen today, but I’m thankful to experience what is happening at the church. Whatever “explosions” come our way, one thing is certain – God saw them coming, and He will see us through!

4 responses to “An Explosive 4th of July”

  1. My Dad always said. life is what happens between your plans. God installs Devine interruptions so we can see His involvement in our lives and how He provides

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    1. God is doing beautiful things right now. His work is clear at every turn.


  2. Divine interruptions often present opportunities for divine intervention. Thank God He doesn’t leave us to clean up the mess alone.

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