Tests and Lessons

Deer and drivers seem
to really like this door😂.

Since I returned to the pastorate, I have been reminded about tests and lessons. It was so much easier when I simply attended a church and listened to someone else preach a message. I still had a responsibility to put the Bible into action, but I’m tested a lot more now I’m the one preaching weekly and providing spiritual leadership to a church. Today proved just that!

Last Sunday, I started a series in the book of James. If you haven’t read that part of the Bible, then you don’t realize how much it gets all up in your business. The first message I preach was about trials and temptations (a very timely message, considering what some of our people at church are going through). This week, I spoke on the subject of what real faith looks like. My first point was “How we respond to trials tells us what our faith looks like.” Based on James 1:19-20, we are to be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger. We must hear out a matter first, hear from God on the matter, and then respond (not react). We are often quick to fly off the handle. Let’s just say I got tested on what I preached today.

After our church service, I was going to take my mom back to her place and grab lunch on the way. On the way to eat, a man decide he was going to ease over into my car to change lanes. Thankfully, no one was hurt and his car had no damage. I did just fine while we waited for the police officer to arrive and then finish the report. After that, let’s just say some “hangry” people flew off the handle for just a little bit. I laugh now, but we were super grouchy because of the shifts that we did not plan for our day. I was reminded how I must practice what I preach, and that can be ever so challenging.

What does this have to do with tests and lessons? I was tested after I gave the lesson. I didn’t pass so well, but I pray it was just a practice quiz and I can learn from this when the real difficulties come. Some of us get tested first and then get the lessons, but we all receive tests and lessons.

Whatever you’re going through, I challenge you to be teachable and trust the hand of God in the matter. Good and bad happen to us all. How we respond/react is what makes the differences. Yet another reminder for me (and all of us) to choose joy!

7 responses to “Tests and Lessons”

  1. “Count it all joy” is a phrase my mom uses when trials arise.

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  2. So true. Matthew. I have found myself in situations where I have reacted and was not slow to speak. All that does is get me more upset and hurt the person I’m yelling at. As I said before, I love James. He tells it straight up.
    Thanks for the reminder

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    1. James will have stomped all over my toes by the time I finish preaching this series.


  3. Great reminder! Years ago I was angry with a family member and went to the word so God could tell me how to respond—and I think you know I wasn’t looking for a way to reprimand myself! I randomly chose the book of James as my “weapon.” Let’s just say a tornado hit my heart! What happened? I apologized.

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    1. What we need is initially painful as it cuts at our flesh, but the end result leads to our growth.

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