The Icing on the Cake

I love cake…a bit too much, but it has to have the right icing. The wrong icing, in my opinion, can ruin a cake. When the phrase “icing on the cake” is used, the implication is that the cake is good, but the icing makes it so much better. This could be an accurate description of my weekend. My last post covered the highs and lows of Thursday thru Saturday. Today (Sunday) has been a good day. Let me hit the highlights of the day.

Today began with a good day at church. This is my eighth week back in the pastorate. Although several of our regulars were gone, we had 3 guests who became acquainted with us through our Facebook page. People continue to respond well to the preaching, and an atmosphere of love is in the air. Sunday is the highlight of my week.

The day continued to go well as we ate at one of my favorite restaurants. It was so good to sit around the table with 7 of my 8 kids. There was lots of laughter. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

I went home after lunch to take a nap. Naps are a sweet part of my Sunday afternoons, but I have not been able to relax and enjoy a nap for weeks until today. I count today’s nap as a blessing.

After my nap, my wife and kids gave me my Father’s Day gifts. They gave me a My Pillow and some Air Pods. I asked for one of those, but the other was a surprise.

As I conclude this post, I must confess I have been too busy and overwhelmed to enjoy the icing or the cake. I typically jump out of bed every day, jump into getting ready, jump into the car, jump into work, slow down for a few minutes during lunch while carrying burdens in my mind, jump back into work, jump into the car to go home, jump out of the car to go in the house and face the chaos of a big family, and long for the moment when I can jump in the bed for a break before I repeat the cycle the next day. I have been living for the weekends which can sometimes be equally hectic and dread the upcoming week. I’m done with that. I’m still in the process of adjusting to two major adjustments – a new job I started in April and a new pastorate in May. I preached today about having proper perspective. Today, I choose joy. Today, I choose enjoying the icing and the cake. If you’re living from event to event, slow down and enjoy the journey in between. These are by honest thoughts!

3 thoughts on “The Icing on the Cake

  1. I was intrigued the other day to revisit the pattern of work and rest Jesus followed.

    1. Serve God in your mission.
    2. Step back and take a break (renew and rejuvenate)
    3. Return to your mission.


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