Social Media and Me

I have never been that great at social media. Some people can post just the right thing with perfect pictures, tons of emojis, and all the flare. That’s not me! While social media has its many wonderful traits, it can easily become a comparison trap…EVEN WITH PASTORS! We look at what other pastors are doing and can quickly feel like we must be equally as good if not better. I am learning a lot about myself as it relates to social media and am having to make some adjustments. I will be sharing those here.

Facebook has been great for reconnecting with people from all 4 states where I have lived and served as well as people from college, etc. While I am horrible with Facebook and get bored easily scrolling through it, I will keep it because of all the connections I have there and how much the world seems to use it. If you are connected with me there, you know my wife is pretty good at tagging me and giving everyone a play by play of our life. I also have a page I rarely use (but hope to one day) that will share a podcast if I ever get to it. My oldest son is living out the podcast dream right now, so I will live vicariously through him for now😂. So that’s what’s up with me and Facebook.

Twitter has become a bit successful for me over the last 2 years. I started the account in 2014 and had gotten up to 500 followers with barely any activity. When I became active at the end of 2018, my Twitter following got up to almost 15k. I never imagined that! It was great for me to share short thoughts without having to use all that much energy. I have come to the point, however, that I don’t find it as enjoyable. Due to recent censoring (and, no, it’s not about Donald Trump for me), the extremely high amount of political posts, and the hatefulness of many who call themselves Christians, my Twitter presence will be decreasing tremendously. It’s ultimately about me being in a different season of my life and needing to focus on some different things.

Instagram is just not my thing, and I have to own up to that. I am not big on pictures, and it was just downright awkward posting them. On top of that, I got bored scrolling through what other people post. And forget about Snapchat! I tried that one day and got angry when the picture disappeared so quickly, so I deleted it😂.

You will more than likely see my blog activity pick up again. God is teaching me some great things right now, and I will be sharing those with you. My thoughts will continue to be honest, transparent, and vulnerable. People are struggling and need to know that even pastors struggle too.

If you were looking for a post about the evils of social media, I’m sorry I disappointed you. I’m not wiping them out. I will, however, be cutting back so that I can focus more directly on my personal growth and God-given mission, and I can’t be more thrilled!

4 responses to “Social Media and Me”

  1. I do have a love hate relationship with social media too. The only long term app I have had now is WordPress and Pinterest. I found out it helps my mental and spiritual health to limit my interactions on the others because I am quite sensitive to information I consume. The simple things or easy things to other people seem to have a long time effect on me.

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    1. All the bickering over political matters and petty disagreements among Christians has been quite depressing. I’m not planning to stick my head in the sand, but I can control what I take in through social media. I’m loving this idea and anticipate positive results.

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  2. Ditto! I fail as of ;ate;y to see the value in simply posting photos on some sites. I’d rather post ideas – and yours are some of the best! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your kind words! I appreciate what you write too.

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