Prayer Request for Joe Siccardi

If you have been around a little while in the WordPress blogging world, you may have connected with Joe Siccardi. His site is Joe had a stroke Wednesday, and the prognosis is not good. Please read these words his son shared on Facebook:

Good Morning…

My name is Scott Siccardi. I am Joe’s son.

On the evening of Wednesday, Dec 9th, my father had a stroke.

Despite encouraging signs early on, on early Friday morning, things took a turn for the worse and he has not been interactively conscience since.

He is comfortable & sedated, but as of now, the prognosis is not very good.

Writing this post is the most difficult thing I think I have ever had to do, but going through his phone and messages and seeing all the encouragement and lives he has touched brings me great joy and comfort.

Though the prognosis is not good, where the rest of his journey goes is entirely up to him. The dr’s and nurses are doing their part, our family is doing our part, but seeing the love and encouragement from all of you inspired me to share with you his situation and extend the opportunity to join us in the prayer of our Lord that “Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

I know my father loves all of you very much and knows you all love him. I have no doubt that no matter how this ends, his wish is for you to be inspired by the difficult times, find joy in the little things and take time to share your love with others.

As I know more of his situation, I will share. In the meantime, pray that his journey will continue through all of us…

…no matter what.

Love to all…

8 responses to “Prayer Request for Joe Siccardi”

  1. Sending prayers! Your blog posts are great.

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      1. You are welcome! ♥️♥️

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  2. Praying for peace and for recovery for him. May the Great Physician touch and heal him, give wisdom to the Drs and strength to his family.
    In Jesus Name.

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  3. Praying for Joe and his family.

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  4. Prayers to you and your loved ones now and always, ❤

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  5. Praying for healing in the naye of Jesus Christ.

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    1. Joe received his ultimate healing in the presence of the Lord last week. Thanks for praying!

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