Running from God: A Sermon and a Testimony

My kids found an old DVD of the last sermon I preached when I was on staff at Hepsibah Baptist Church in Seneca, SC. The sermon was from the book of Jonah, and the title was “Running from God”. While it contains the story of Jonah, it also contains my story of running from God’s call when I was in high school.

Almost 8 years after I preached that message, I found myself running from God again but for a different reason. I have been avoiding the same call God placed on my life all those years ago, but now I am pursuing it once again. While some say I can’t preach and pastor a church anymore, I’ll let God have the final say. I would rather obey Him than cave to the opinions of men.

To those of you who have run from God or are currently running from God, I pray this message hits you where you are to the point that you surrender to God’s plan for your life. If you dare watch this sermon, be warned that my Southern accent kicks up 1,000 notches when I preach. Running from God came be a dangerous thing, so I pray you find the joy in living God’s way.

3 responses to “Running from God: A Sermon and a Testimony”

  1. in The Most Holy Name Of Jesus The Christ,
    who said that we should call no one Teacher.
    Pastorship with or coPastorship is often shared
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    p.s. Husband and Wife and Children, doing well?
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    true, of course. Why write this? I got to this article regarding an article of scars of surgery, well other scars,
    as reminders do not make someone broken, only sometimes extremely distressed with unearned suffering,
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    suffering intensely with unearned suffering, that is for sure. i.e. good cop bad cop bright lights no bright lights,
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    God’s Sent Trust.


  2. Thank you for sharing your story, Matt. I pray the Lord gives you wisdom and direction as you follow the call back into ministering the gospel for His glory. I have a similar story. I graduated from Southern Seminary in 2012, then was on staff as a pastor for almost four years. There were some theological differences that led me to leaving that ministry. I ended up in the medical field, but I still have a desire and calling to pastor. Let me just encourage and remind you to continue being faithful with the blessings God has given you now, and He will open that door someday. Just continue to be patient. Blessings to you brother!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story! It looks like God is moving me back that direction. The story is still unfolding. I will be praying for you that He will do the same for you in His time. God bless you!

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