The Call That Kept Me on Track

Seven years ago, I was pastor to this couple. From the time they met me on my trial weekend to determine whether I would be the next pastor of Tar Heel Baptist Church, Charlie and Jennifer loved my family and we loved them.

I’ll never forget a Sunday night in February 2014 when my phone rang, and it was Charlie. I was a discouraged man who had stepped away from the pastorate and was going through a divorce. I was determined to never preach another sermon. When I answered the phone that night, Charlie’s greeting was “Hey there, Preacher!” That might not mean much to many, but it meant the world to me. Charlie encouraged me to remain true to my calling.

For several years now, we have made it a tradition to see each other on July 4. Couples like this (and I have had many through the years at Tar Heel and other ministries) are the reason I keep going, second to my devotion to Christ. Thanks for refreshing me! You are a blessing to the body of Christ.

2 responses to “The Call That Kept Me on Track”

  1. Matthew, that was a beautiful expression (prose) of the “exceptionally refreshing” relationships with people who are close like “family.”

    Familial culture is one of the savoriest of refreshments that are generally called “re-creation-al” cultures. Its in the sphere of personal relationships within the “familial” greatness of human connectedness (closeness, people you value highly).

    On a larger level, these are two of the “wonderful” expressions within one’s Six Big Cultures: Familial and Recreational. And when those two cultures intersect in that “sweet spot” – like a 300-yard-shot-off-the-tee – those “successes” in life, especially sweetened when surrounded by one’s buddies.

    I enjoyed our initial phone call, and look forward to sharing some more … Spirit-fired electric synergy.

    Enjoying my last weekend of a brief family vacation with friends.

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    1. Thanks so much! I look forward to our conversation next week.


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