For many years, I have heard about things that would disqualify someone from doing something in Christian service. I have seen this taken to an extreme in Christian circles. I’ve seen churches allow a sexually promiscuous teenager (a non-member, I might add) to represent the church while denying someone who missed some services. They would brag about having high standards for those who represented the church in this way while those standards were extremely and politically inconsistent. I have come to the conclusion that whether one is disqualified all depends on how much political clout he or she has within a church, denomination, or religious circle.

Why didn’t God disqualify Abraham from being the father of many nations when Abraham stepped out of God’s plan to have a child with Hagar? Why did God call David (a man who committed adultery and was responsible for murder) a “man after God’s own heart”? Why did God use Peter to preach in the book of Acts and lead thousands to saving faith when he denied Jesus, thus leading to His crucifixion? Shall I continue?

This post isn’t in any way condoning consistently blatant sinful behavior. Those of us who continually, with our fist in the face of God, sin without caring bring shame to His name. But what about those who genuinely repent (turn their back against their wrongdoing)? Somewhere, with Abraham, David, and Peter, I see God demonstrating some grace. They may have messed up royally, but they got back up and God continued to use them.

For those of you who are quick to disqualify someone from Christian service for one sinful act committed 55 years ago (definitely sounds like politics), I ask you to reconsider. I would hate for you to have to stumble royally in order to get a glimpse of what God’s grace truly is. So many things are often left undone for Christ because someone says that some man or woman can’t do anything for Jesus anymore. You and I will have to answer for that. This is something worth pondering.

3 responses to “Disqualified?”

  1. Amazing how quick some assume they are the authority on God–the Bible is full of flawed people that God used. What about Rahab the prostitute or Ruth the Moabite. God used them to usher in The Promise Of Messiah!

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    1. Yes! I love how these and a few other women are intentionally listed in the genealogy of Christ in Matthew’s gospel.


  2. Yesterday I heard a man of God say that Christians have a tendency to further bash our wounded soldiers instead of tending to their wounds. God is judge already and has not called us to play judge to our fellow men. I pray we learn to walk in love and compassion towards our fellow brothers and sisters.

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