Blog Name Change

I did it again! As the seasons of ministry change, so does the title of this blog. Why would that be? In this case, I returned to a title I used for a little over a year with my former blog site – “Honest Thoughts from a Pastor”. Here is why:

Much of my ministry in this season of my life is to pastors as a field shepherd with Standing Stone Ministry. So, ministry to those in ministry is a great deal of what I talk about. My ministry is to also help the local church. With these pastoral gifts still pulsating through my veins, the blog title seems to fit.

People have identified with the honest, raw authenticity and vulnerability with which I write. God has used this writing ministry to connect with many over the last 5 years. With that attitude and mission in mind, I will keep writing.

I’m beginning a podcast soon, and “Honest Thoughts from a Pastor” seemed fitting. This podcast will be a combination of honest thoughts about ministry, helpful episodes on tough topics the church does not want to address, and helpful things for pastors and those not in vocational ministry.

The overall reason is consistency in theme. People are looking for real answers and honesty now more than ever. My prayer is that God will continue to use me to help others along the way. I trust He will.

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