Cross-Cultural Ministry Thoughts

A few weeks ago, I was invited by a pastor in Kenya to speak on the subject of “Team Leadership” to some of the leaders in his church via a Zoom call. I typically don’t turn down an opportunity to speak and teach God’s Word, especially when I can actually speak on a subject to relates to one of my masters degrees. I fulfilled this opportunity today at 1:00 pm (8:00 pm in Kenya). We finished about 10:00 pm their time. I was blessed by a few things (actually more, but I will mention these).

These people were much more interested in learning Scripture than many I have observed in the American church. I spoke for approximately 50 minutes from a biblical and practical perspective, and they were not in a hurry to go. We continued for nearly another hour with questions and discussion from the people involved. I was disappointed to see the time end.

They were more eager to be biblical than “relevant”. I’m honestly tired of hearing these cliche American church phrases like “relevant”, and I have been guilty of using them. We discussed things like conflict, confrontation, correction, and church discipline. Most churches I know won’t touch these things because they’re scared. These topics won’t pack the house, but they’re 100% biblical. It wouldn’t hurt us to be a little more biblical.

They are people of prayer. One by one, they mentioned how they pray for America. One man mentioned how much other countries look at America because they see us as a beacon of hope. They are praying for our presidential election in November. How many of us who live in America are praying for our election and see how serious it is?

These brothers and sisters challenged me. Some people may not have taken 2 hours of their Sunday afternoon to accept an invitation from a pastor he met on Twitter to teach people he doesn’t know. I saw it as an opportunity from God, and I’m so thankful for this open door. God moved through me as He always honors His word. I haven’t taught like that in a long time, but I would do it again and again if God so opened the doors.

To my brothers and sisters in Christ, never think for one second you are too good for a certain opportunity. People need the gospel, and you may be the only one who will deliver it. Don’t be disobedient and miss a God-given opportunity!

9 responses to “Cross-Cultural Ministry Thoughts”

  1. Love it! I am glad you got that opportunity, a blessing for sure.
    I have long been praying for the North American church to slow down and growing in hunger for God and his word. Stop the rushing, stop the religion and actually become passionate about their faith! Often though, it takes a big shaking to change our hardened ways.

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    1. Indeed, Heather! I pray the church in general will re-prioritize on the other side of COVID-19.

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    2.’s a sure blessing to get such opportunity. I’ve been praying for a while for God to release me as well to be able to reach more with the Gospel and awesomeness of life with Jesus.

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  2. Thank you pastor Matthew for your deep sharing. It was really a great blessing to hear you break the word of God us in a simple understanding way. It really got into my heart and our leaders asked me to have another meeting with you soon.

    We pray that God will give you good godly leader who will bring your country closer God.

    Shalom pastor.

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    1. I would love to do that. I had a wonderful time sharing Scripture and teaching.


  3. I have been blessed to serve on many short term mission trips. I am always encouraged and revived by the simplicity of life and hunger for the things of God compared to our country. I always see our “fatness” on these trips. Not just our overeating but that we have so much in this country. There is much suffering in the world.

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    1. it does warms the heart to see how much the need truly is and yet how humble and hungry the people are for the Gospel. It is time to reevaluate missions and the modus operandi. Not sure if i’m saying it correctly.

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  4. Thanks again Matthew for a provoking read. It stirrs things up and i’m hoping it will ignite many hearts and minds to get on with it and get going with the Gospel with no frills attached.

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    1. I pray God will use it to do the same.

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