2020 Best Year Yet? I Want a Refund!

Many of us moved toward 2020 with great anticipation. We had these great plans and dreams we wanted to see come to life. What did we get instead? The most volatile political climate of my lifetime and a virus that has done so much heartbreaking damage to people. Everyone from those in quarantine to those diagnosed with COVID-19 would love to either rewind time or skip to us being on the other side of this.

I’m not going to speak prophetically and say this is God’s judgment or spew out the latest conspiracy theory. Over the last several years, I’m the one who has been the one providing empathy to those who are hurting. I can also be the cheerleader who is on the sidelines cheering on those who wonder if they can make it to the finish line.

One biblical promise comes to mind. I have clearly seen God at work in so many ways around me. I have seen people grow by leaps and bounds in their faith. I have watched others learned difficult lessons through major life transitions. They know God promised them He would do a new thing as seen in Isaiah 43, but it has yet to come to pass. It is so far in the distance that it almost seems to be an illusion. While it seems impossible, God promises to finish what He starts (Philippians 1:6).

I know you’re discouraged. I know you have lost hope. My prayer for you is that God will personally reassure you that He is working all things together for your good. Just keep walking in faith. The old songwriter sang it well: “The darkest hour means dawn is just in sight.”

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