Is Partial Obedience Enough?

I was reading I Samuel 15 the other day, and something jumped out at me. It’s a principle that we see on multiple levels. Children are great at doing this. Adults have been known to do this too. The thing I’m talking about is “partial obedience”.

Partial obedience happens when we choose to obey one part of a command and disobey the other. The tendency of human nature is to try to find a loophole. There is a problem with that. We do not have the authority to pick and choose when it comes to the commands of God.

In I Samuel 15, King Saul was guilty of partial obedience. He followed part of God’s directives while blatantly disregarding the others. His thought was the end justifies the means. Does it really? Not if it violates God’s truth.

Truthfully, partial obedience is really disobedience. So is delayed obedience. What is God telling us to do that we picked only the parts we want to do? Is there something God told us to do that we have delayed? There are consequences to disobedience. Personally, I would rather experience the fulfillment of knowing I did God’s will in God’s way.

If you have been walking in disobedience, it’s time to seek God’s forgiveness and start walking in obedience. Don’t delay!

One response to “Is Partial Obedience Enough?”

  1. Great post! I remember a pastor who always talked about “instant obedience”.

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