Responding to the Coronavirus

I must be honest. This virus is probably the biggest health concern I have seen in my lifetime. Many looked at this when it hit foreign countries and thought, “This will never hit the U. S.” It has. We have some who show no concern while others are stricken with fear. Where is the balance in all this?

Prayer is part of this balance. We should be praying for those who have been affected. We should be praying for each other that we make wise decisions in relation to exposure, etc. We need to pray for a miracle – a divine intervention. God is able, and there is no greater time to pray than now.

Consideration for others is part of this balance. I think of the verse in Romans 12 – “in honor, preferring one another”. I also think of the example of Jesus as reflected in Philippians 2 – focus on the welfare of others above self. Many are refusing to take precautions such as self-quarantine because of selfish reasons like toilet paper hoarding or just the desire to be out rather than trapped at home. Let’s think about the risk of us contracting something that would spread to those whose immune systems are compromised. This is a huge thing that could have helped matters a long time ago.

The extension of kindness toward others whose opinions differ is somewhere in this balance. I have read everything from intense medical facts to thoughts of this being a conspiracy. Now is not the time to be arguing.

It is high time we put ourselves aside for the greater good. It is not a time to panic. God is not caught off guard. Let’s trust Him even when many are scared. Our faith is a great witness, so let Jesus shine in the midst of this uncertainty.

5 responses to “Responding to the Coronavirus”

  1. Amen, this is a time for prayer.

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  2. Paula Jennings Avatar
    Paula Jennings

    I am so much older than you. This is nothing compared to the AIDS crisis of the mid 1980s, or SARS of the 1990s. I do agree 100% though. Prayer is very badly needed.

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    1. I was born in 1980. Just a baby!


  3. Paula Jennings Avatar
    Paula Jennings

    I guess I should have qualified what I said a moment ago. In the 1980s I married a man that was HIV+ just after the test came out & he tested positive. In the 1990s we had 2 biological sons. We had looked into adoption – no one would give us a child as they expected him to die shortly. We tied artificial insemination at the biggest centers in Manhattan. No luck. We prayed. In 1992 we took ONE unprotected risk. We call him Robert. In 1998 more prayer. Another ONE time unprotected risk. This one we called Thomas. The boys & I remain uninfected. My husband never got sick with an opportunistic infection. He died of a smoking related massive heart attack while doing mission work in Uganda in 2014. After years as a non-smoker he picked cigarettes back up. Died in less than 3 years at 53 years old.

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