The Power of One

Something got me thinking today. As I have been getting involved in a new ministry opportunity, I have had some good things happen. They have been slow, but they are good. But ONE negative thing caught my attention today, and I allowed it to bother me for a few hours. I really had to stop and pray for the individual, refuse to allow this to change my appreciation for the individual despite the action, and move forward. It’s crazy how ONE negative person among more positive people can kill the mood if we allow it.

Then I was reminded of another ONE in Scripture. This was ONE individual of ten who returned to thank Jesus after being healed from leprosy. Think about it! Leprosy was a disease for which people were treated as inhumane. Jesus healed 10 people, and only ONE came back to thank Him.

I’m also reminded of another ONE. This time it is the return on ministry. When Isaiah saw the Lord in Isaiah 6, God told Isaiah that he would only have a ONE-tenth return on his ministry. How discouraging! Ten percent! Yet Isaiah was willing to do whatever God said.

While these things can be discouraging, there is only ONE who really matters. At the end of the day, I have to be sure my Audience is ONE – the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible says I will stand before Him and give an account one day. He is not going to measure my deeds by the opinions of others. Jesus Christ is the Standard. He is the only ONE who matters. So I must consciously choose daily to focus on Him.

So, don’t let ONE person bother you. BUT, let ONE Savior satisfy you. His name is Jesus!

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