A Handwritten Note

This morning, we had a memorial service for a lady who had once attended our church until the last few years when she moved out of state. Her daughter and son-in-law faithfully attend our church. Because I participated in one of the musical selections, her daughter had a handwritten note of appreciation for my participation in the service. It led me to think about how such notes are rare today.

When I was in high school and college, I used to write such things. I would write letters to people back home. One of my favorite things was corresponding with my grandma. There was such excitement in receiving one of those letters!

Think about what a blessing you might be to someone if you took time to write a simple note of appreciation or encouragement. In my first full-time ministry, I was very discouraged. The pastor I worked for said one positive thing in six years, so you better believe I saved the few notes of encouragement I received. They stayed in my middle desk drawer. I would pull them out when I felt like quitting (and that was a lot).

I challenge you to write a note to someone – your spouse, child, pastor, friend, parent, or someone you appreciate. This practice doesn’t have to be obsolete. Let’s revive written encouragement. That’s what the Bible is, right? It’s written encouragement from Heaven with love.

3 responses to “A Handwritten Note”

  1. Dalton Theo Smith Avatar
    Dalton Theo Smith

    This post reminds me of Christmas of the ’90s when everyone posted Christmas cards filled with personal Christmas wishes. Miss the times of the handwritten notes.😁 Feel encouraged to write one now.

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  2. Handwritten notes are so fun! I definitely find it more personable than other methods of encouragement. Blessings!

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  3. […] habit that many leaders developed was writing notes or sending postcards. When you receive a note, you know that you are not alone. You know that someone is thinking about you and that means a lot. […]

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