Christian Celebrities

Let me clarify from the beginning that I am not implying or outright saying that Christians should not be well-known. Some of our greatest voices for Jesus Christ today are celebrities who happen to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and are unashamed. What I am discussing today are those who are little known out of their denominational circles but have this celebrity mentality. Let me explain further.

These people are evangelists, pastors of some notoriety, denominational leaders, heads of Christian publications, etc. They will associate with you, only if there is something for them to gain. If you do not have the same or greater level of notoriety, you are nothing to them. They are especially interested in you if you have a large church and can give them a significant fee for allowing them to “grace your church with their presence”. I am glad I have not been named among the elite.

Another characteristic of these “celebrities” is that they have a reputation to upkeep and will fake it if necessary. They will pretend they have it all together while their lives are less than desirable. Their immorality will come to light eventually, and the worlds of their followers will fall apart. 

These “celebrities” typically don’t have time for those outside their circle. If they do express that they have time for you, it is only in word not reality. They will say things like, “Please let me know if I can do anything to help.” See if they really do when you call or message them. They’ll give you a Christianized answer (if they answer) like, “I’ll be praying for you.” Will you really?

The message of Jesus is to deny yourself. He must increase and we must decrease. The early disciples were hated and running from their lives. What makes us better? 

I post this because many people I know become enamored with these personalities, only to be disappointed. Don’t focus on a preacher, friend, or other human being! They will let you down. Jesus is the only One who is constant. Fix your attention on Him!

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    1. I enjoyed this blog. Thank you so much for speaking truth and encouraging us to keep our eyes on Christ.

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    1. Thank you for including this in your community spotlight!


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