Does God Instantly Smite and Rebuke?

Many of us were raised with an extremely judgmental view of God. We were told all the stories of God smiting this person dead and rebuking another with fierce anger. While God did do those things in some cases, they always followed warnings from God. God didn’t just wake up one morning and say, “Who am I going to smite today?”

I know some of you are already thinking I’m a compromiser and don’t believe in the full counsel of God. How quick we are to base an opinion on an isolated statement rather than receiving the full intention of a statement! I believe in God’s justice and judgment. He does punish sin. Now that this is clarified (at least for some😀)…

The book of Job really does give a good thought process relating to God and life’s difficulties. Job had it worse than most of us ever could. He lost everything but his wife who told him to “curse God and die”, his three “friends” had it all wrong, and he was left with a lot to process. Did you ever notice that God gives Job chapters and chapters to process and does not speak until the last few chapters of the book? Think about it.

God is gracious to allow us to process our pain and then speaks when we are in a place where we are ready to receive. Beware of those who “have the answer”. They will be quick to come along with their bandaid sayings and verses. While they may mean well (or not), let God speak into your life as you process. You’ll find that God isn’t always the mean guy in the sky. He does have to punish sin, but He also rewards right and heals the broken-hearted. Let Him heal you today!

8 responses to “Does God Instantly Smite and Rebuke?”

  1. Reblogged this on Matthew Winters (Honest Thoughts from a Pastor) and commented:
    Some of us base God’s nature on a single verse of Scripture or people’s opinions. We must have a balanced biblical view of God. The book of Job helps us with that more than we realize.

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  2. I was just reading Jeremiah today, passages about God’s judgment and noticing that although He was giving nations that had been repeatedly rebellious what they deserved, He also was grieved to do it. It gives Him no pleasure to destroy people, but when they bring it on themselves …. (Jeremiah 48:32 & 36)

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    1. Matthew Winters Avatar
      Matthew Winters

      Thank you for sharing that verse! Great biblical proof that God doesn’t get his kicks from punishing people.

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  3. Job struggles with a form of self righteousness which young Elihu points out toward the end. He isn’t considered one of the three friends but had been watching and listening. I never really caught that before. And Elihu is the only one who didn’t have to seek forgiveness.

    It is amazing how the Lord will work with us. Allow us to think ourselves just when we are not. Job’s friends also fall into this category as they thought themselves to be right, too.

    And then we have the moment God tells us to sit down because “surely you know.” Quite the humbling experience but still loving! God rebukes and disciplines His children.

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    1. Matthew Winters Avatar
      Matthew Winters

      While I give Elihu some credit, some commentators are not so kind toward him. Job’s trials definitely cut away at the chaff of his life. This book reveals so much when we examine it. I always appreciate your perspective.

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      1. Oh, his friends were cruel to Job. They constantly assumed but had no reason to condemn him. Yet, they did. Elihu was upset about this, too, and rightfully pointed it out.

        While some of the things his friends say have some merit the manner in which they shared them was very wrong. The book definitely has a lot for us to take from.

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  4. My story is that God allows me to rant and rave, and when I’ve run out of words, HE speaks THE Word into my life. Great insights!

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    1. It seems like we have to get rid of the hot air before there’s room for His truth.


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