Go Get Some Real Friends!

Cue up “Friends Forever” by Michael W. Smith. That song drove me crazy because every end of school chapel service contained this song along with some senior girl crying about how she will miss her friends. I was in Christian school, so this will sound foreign to many of you. It was very much part of our Christian school culture.

Fast forward almost 22 years. I don’t want to admit I graduated high school that long ago, but I did. How many of my friends from high school are still friends? What about college? What about those from 5-10 years ago?

Many of you think you have friends. They are great to hang out with, party with, but how do they treat you when you’re wounded? You know those moments in life like a job loss, divorce, disease, etc.? If they aren’t ministering to you in your worst moments, they’re not friends. The Bible says, “A friend loves at ALL times.”

Assess your “friends” you have right now. If you seriously question if they will be there for you when all hell comes against you, you might want to get a new set of friends.

6 thoughts on “Go Get Some Real Friends!

  1. I can relate! BTW~I snorted a bit reading “girls crying to the song”….flashback 1988~us “girls” sang it at our H.S. graduation. 😂❤️ I’m so grateful for my friends~and the ones God places at every corner on my path with him.

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    1. So you can totally relate! I can’t stand when people cry, so I had to fight it back. I would roll my eyes when I saw it coming. I’m a huge MWS fan, but that song is one of my least favorite. Regarding the real subject, God is so good in blessing us with the right people.

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